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15 beauty tips that make you 20% more beautiful

by LeeHaechang on
There are 15 beauty tips to use in everyday life that can make you more beautiful.
Of course, People do their makeup to look prettier and more beautiful, but sometimes they can only see a little effect, or they can see the reverse effect because of the wrong makeup. But if you know a variety of beauty tips, you can do makeup that makes you prettier and more beautiful.
#1 Check with multiple lights
Makeup may vary depending on the lighting. Therefore, it is better to check the makeup status again in various places rather than in one place.


#2 Make Smokey Eye Makeup Easy
Smoky eye makeup makes eyes that are deep and attractive, but it is so difficult that it can make eyes like a panda. However, if you use the eyeliner you have, you can make difficult smoky eye makeup easier and simpler.
Select the pencil eyeliner you want and draw a # shape. Mix it well with the eye shadow to create gradation. Smokey eye makeup is complete.
#3 Glossy nails
It is recommended to apply white nail polish instead of transparent nail polish to make your nails look glossy.
#4 Self-Nail Art
You can save money and time by doing your own nail art at home rather than going to a nail shop to do it. You can create a clean line if you apply nail polish after using a rubber band before applying it.
#5 Make eyeshadow stand out
To make eye shadow stand out, it is recommended to use a white eyeliner to draw eyeliner. After drawing from the front of the eyes to the tail of the eyes with a white eyeliner, apply eye shadow to make the eyeshadow stand out more.
#6 Change Pencil Eyeliner to Gel Liner
Heat the tip of the pencil eyeliner over the heat and cool it down for about 15 seconds to give a similar effect as the gel eyeliner.
#7 Drying your hair
Because hair is weaker when wet after washing it, brushing, rubbing it hard with a towel can adversely affect hair health. When drying your hair, use a t-shirt instead of a towel to gently pat dry your hair.
#8 Cleaning the mascara brush
Few people will brush their favorite mascara to continue using it. When you wipe the mascara brush, wipe it clean with warm water and soap and use it again after the water dries completely.
#9 Apply eyelash glue
Usually, when you attach eyelashes, you use glue. When applying the glue, it is more convenient to use by using the end of the hair pin.
#10 Keeping lipstick long
If you want to keep the lipstick on for a long time, apply the lipstick and apply a tissue over your lips and apply the powder over it.
#11 Covering dark circles
When you use concealer to cover your dark circles, you may only cover the area just below your eyes. This makes the lower part of the eye look bright, but the rest look flat.
Therefore, when covering the concealer, it is recommended to apply the concealer in a triangular shape starting from the bottom of the eye.
#12 Eyeline tail
It is recommended to use a card when drawing the eyeliner tail to prevent it from being crooked. Put the card in the direction where you have to draw the eyeliner and draw it.
#13 Undermascara
Mascara often gets smeared under the eyes when applying mascara to the under eye. If you put a card or spoon under your eyes and apply mascara, the mascara will not get smudged.
#14 Broken Eye shadow
You don't have to throw away the eyeshadow because it's broken. Eye shadow and Vaseline allow you to make and reuse unique color lip gloss.
#15 Rich eyelashes
If you keep applying mascara to make your eyelashes look voluminous, it may look clumpy and messy.
Apply a little bit of powder so that it doesn't get into your eyes, and then If you apply mascara, you can create more voluminous eyelashes. 
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