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Toner recommendations by skin type

by LeeHaechang on

 Toner is the first basic cosmetic product that you apply after washing your face.
Toner is a very important basic step because it acts like cleansing, skin cleansing, and moisturizing.
 Each person uses a different type of toner.
Toner must be used according to your skin type.
 You have to choose the right toner to get the right skincare.
We will recommend a toner that suits your skin type this time.




#Dry and sensitive skin 

 It is recommended for skin troubles like this!
 Dry and sensitive skin
When you need to reduce your skincare steps in the morning and evening
It is a new formulation in which a bottle of cream is melted into the skin for moisturizing.

 LANEIGE Cream Skin, created through 19 years of research and development, only for hypoallergenic skin soothing and moisturizing.

 Oil and moisture balance, cream skin for glowing makeup
Moist skin care is essential in order to create natural shiny skin.
The cream skin lightly penetrates the skin without being sticky, completing a glossy makeup.


#Oily skin #Sensitive skin

 Solution for confident skin, care from the cause of skin trouble
#SkinExfoliate #PHAToner #PHAlowIrritating Peeling Toner

 All ingredients carefully selected EWG green grade, mild raw materials
Mild Skin Exfoliate
 Gently removes exfoliated dead skin cells and impurities and refreshes moisture
Calming Skin
 Tea tree extract and Centella asiatica extract soothe and calm the skin that is easily injured from the external environment
Skin Irritation Testing Completed
 Clinical test completed for safe use even with sensitive skin


#Skin soothing care
#Hypoallergenic exfoliating care

Sensitive skin, use it with confidence.
* Moisture Water Type Texture
* Major components: panthenol, alatoin, betain
( Panthenol, alantoin, and beta-in, which are effective in soothing the skin, provide comfortable protection for the skin irritated by the external environment.)

* Maintaining the moisture balance of the mineral rich in deep sea water of Ulleungdo.

* HATCHING EX-07 Skin Surfaces, Old Exfoliating Daily Hypoallergenic Care

* Panthenol soothing moisturizing film protects skin

* Tired and irritated skin soothing care


#Pore skin

 Contains Over 80% / 20,000ppm of
witch hazel water / tannin complex

Helping skin pore and Sebum care 

Start Fresh Skin Care without Oily Skin
Clean and moist care for dry inner skin exhausted from tiring day

Moist and Fresh! Moist Skin Care 
Pore Tightening
For Moist and Softer Skin Texture with Witch Hazel Water Instead of Water!

Daily AC Care Ampoule Serum for easy daily pore tightening and exfoliation & soothing care with witch hazel water (Hamamelis Virginiana)




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