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'True Beauty', a popular Korean TV series

by LeeHaechang on
Let's find out basic information about tvN's new Wednesday and Thursday TV series 'True Beauty'.
True Beauty is based on Naver Webtoon. It became a hot topic because the writer of the webtoon, Yaongyi, was prettier than the main character, Ju-kyung.
- Brief summary
True Beauty is a romantic comedy in which Joo-kyung, who had a complex about looks, becomes beautiful while wearing makeup, meets Su-ho, the male character who had a heartache, shares secrets with each other, and grows up loving each other.
- Ju kyung
The word that goes well with her is goddess. But only until she removed her makeup. She was ostracized for being ugly, but the opportunity comes when she transferred to another school. Taking the transfer as an opportunity, Ju-kyung trains her makeup skills every day. Everything changed when she became prettier after her makeup. But from the first day of school, she was caught without makeup by Soo-ho in her class.
- Suho
Perfect person. Looks, brains, exercise.
He doesn't care about others, and he doesn't give women a chance to approach him.
His father is a top star, and his mother died after suffering from cancer. So he was always alone. He had his only friend, Seyeon, but even he died for some reason.
- SeoJun
He is a man with perfect physique, attractive appearance, and sweet voice that made him close to his debut as a singer.
His expression is always cold and there are bad rumors, but it turns out that he is a warm person who cares for his sick mother and cares for his younger sister.
His friend Seyeon, who discovered his musical talent, died a year ago.
He thought Se-yeon's death was due to Su-ho, so he let go of his friendship with Su-ho.
He took a break from school for a while and saw Su-ho at the school, who is smiling.
Su-ho, who didn't smile much, is even doing what he normally doesn't do in front of a girl named Ju-kyung.
He approached Ju-kyung to tease Su-ho, but when he is with her, he forgets why he approached her.
- Sujin
She is confident, good at studying, and even her family is rich. She is a friend of Suho
She regards Suho as her rival and one-sided lover.
So far, this blog has been about basic information, character introduction, relationship, and storyline of tvN's series 'True Beauty'.
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