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How to remove makeup stains from your padded jacket.

by LeeHaechang on
 It's getting cold, so I think it's time to wear a thick padded jacket. Padded jackets are not easy to wash or dry-clean every day, so if there is a stain on the padded jacket that I wear often, I only remove the contaminated parts. Today, I'm going to teach you how to remove makeup stains on your neck and sleeves.
In cold winter, people wear t-shirts and coats that come up to their necks. I'm sure there are a lot of people who are worried about these cosmetic stain.


The makeup stains on the padded jacket are oily and won't come off easily with regular detergent, and this part is only dirty, so it's quite annoying to wash your hands or dry-clean. Also, even if you remove makeup stains, if you wear it just a few times, it gets stained and it happens every time.
The cosmetic stain on the padded coat can be solved in one shot with cleansing water^^.
All you have to do is wet the cleansing water with a thick cotton pad and wipe off the areas where the makeup is on.
Wipe it lightly without rubbing it hard and you can remove the stain so that the cloth doesn't get damaged!
Can you see the remaining cosmetic marks and other dust on the padded jacket? ^^;
Cleansing water is used to remove makeup, and the makeup stains on a padded jacket are the same as removing makeup, so it's best to use cleansing water.
For your information, you can use cleansing tissues instead of cleansing water. Cleansing cream can leave a stain on your face, so it's better not to use it.
After removing the makeup stain, it dries quickly if you dry it with a dry towel.
The wrist area is as dirty as the neck part of the padded jacket. If you wipe it with cleansing water, you can keep it clean until you wash it.
However, you should be careful when using bright padded jackets because they can leave stains like this!
Unlike innerwear, it's not easy to wash padded jacket every day. Besides, even if you try to wash the contaminated parts, it's not easy to do partial laundry because of the foam generated from the detergent.
With cleansing water, you can get rid of cosmetic stains very easily, economically and effectively, so don't worry.^^
Until now, it was a simple tip to solve the problem in one shot when cosmetics were on the padded jacket. 


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