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9 tips of skin care that no one tells you.

by LeeHaechang on
 Perfect skin that looks like it came straight from the dermatologist! To maintain this kind of skin that is in the spotlight on Instagram feeds and the runway, you have to do your best to get skin care. But even professionals in the skin care industry can't always get treatments that take a long time-consuming treatments. Then how can we maintain our shiny bare face without makeup? It's because of the special home care habits of skin care workers. Nine of America's most famous skin experts asked how they take care of their skin at home. From Cleansing method to home devices that everyone must have!  Fresh beauty secret for shiny skin!
1. The best cleanser is in the kitchen.
I really hate removing the skin barrier. We found that sunflower seed oil is the most effective cleanser to prevent that. Massage your face slowly with sunflower seed oil without any water at all. Then, wipe off your makeup with a piece of muslin fabric soaked in warm water. Sunflower seed oil makes my skin soft and smooth. The cleaning process removes residual oil from the pores to prevent possible problems. It's a suitable cleansing method for all skin types.
- Christina Holly, San Francisco,
2. Do the final test with a white towel!
I prefer olive oil as a makeup remover. After you massage your face, remove your makeup with a white microfiber towel soaked in warm water. And repeat this process until the makeup is erased. Please make sure to choose a white towel. This is because you can easily see how much makeup is left on your skin! If you think your makeup is all wiped off, wash the towel in water and repeat this process until nothing really gets on the towel. The actors I manage usually erase red carpet makeup and repeat this process as few as 8 to 40 times. However, no matter how many times you repeat it, you must remove it all.
- RamPrakash Khalsa, Beverly Hills,
3. Do yoga while you do the mask pack!
I do one of the mask pack products that I made every night. But it doesn't suit my personality to sit still and wait. So I do yoga during the mask pack. In particular, the down dog pose has the effect of pushing the mask pack into the face. It's a well-known fact that yoga is effective for the overall circulation and lymph circulation of the body. Whenever I do yoga with a mask pack, I feel that there is a huge difference in effectiveness.
- Joanna Vargas, New York,
4. Freeze the mask pack tightly.
After washing your face, use toner to cleanse your skin and apply a mask pack that moisturizes your skin. I like the Meder Beauty Science Hydra-Fill Mask. First, place the sheet mask on your face and place the ice pack wrapped in gauze on the mask for 2~3 minutes. After that, keep the mask pack for 20 minutes. After removing the mask pack, apply moisturizer. If you do this, you will lose your vitality, and you will be able to revive your dull skin immediately.
- Joanna Czech, Dallas,
5. The ultimate secret to getting rid of swelling!
Put two green tea bags in hot water. Remove the finished tea bag and wait for it to cool to a certain extent. Lie upright in your seat and place on each eye for 3 minutes. Caffeine in the tea bag helps tighten the skin tissue and relieves swelling. Then, in the freezer, place the frozen spoon on the snow for about 5 minutes. Or you can massage with this cold spoon using eye cream. Apply pressure slowly so that the spoon is directed from the inside to the outside of the eye and toward the temple. Cold metal helps to remove swelling and relieve dark circles.
- Kate Somerville, Los Angeles,
6. Get rid of the trouble with baking soda!
Mixing mask pack products with baking soda can help ease blackheads, reduce acne, and remove grease from your face.
- Georgia Louise, New York,
7. Steam is the first step in cleaning up your skin!
Before applying a moisture mask, open the pores with a shower to gently dissolve the hardened oil in the skin. Then use exfoliating agents. After these two steps, the nutrients can penetrate deeper into your skin.
-Shani Darden, Los Angeles,
- Kate Somerville, Los Angeles,
8. Buy a micro-needle roller.
I use a micro-needle roller. It helps skin produce collagen and elastin better and helps repair damaged skin such as premature aging and pigmentation. Use clean, chemical-free products for best results.
-Ildi Pekar, New York,
9. Get rid of dead skin on your lips every night!
I like to exfoliate my lips every day using coconut oil, sugar, and cinnamon powder. Apply a generous amount and gently scrub it. Coconut oil is well known for its effectiveness in recovering and moisturizing damaged skin. Sugar chips sometimes help remove dead lip skin because of their uneven edges. Cinnamon powder stimulates the lips and gives them plump rosy lips.
- Gina Marie, Beverly Hills,
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