K-Beauty brands' Models

by LeeHaechang

Haechang Lee - Dec 29 2020

K - Beauty brands'  models

Idols are hired as K-beauty brands' models to give a more approachable vibe.
Famous visual idol girls are already familiar in using various beauty items. Cosmetic brands in Korea that are used by these girl group members become so popular because fans want to use the same products. So it is no surprise that some dozen of K-beauty brands finally decided to hire pretty idol girls as their models.

YoonA - Girls' Generation : Innisfree

The center of Girls' Generation, YoonA has been chosen as a model for Amore Pacific’s Innisfree – a company that promotes use of natural cosmetic products since 2009. Her fans were able to see YoonA on TV, magazines, and in Innisfree department stores. Her bright, pure image through her dramas and album promotional activities with her group members fits well with Innisfree’s brand concept of purity, and that is why Yoona was chosen as the Innisfree’s model. Yoona is no longer a model for the brand, but to date, she has already been recognized by the public as a person who comes to mind when it comes to Innisfree.

BLACKPINK : Miseenscene

Miseenscene is a brand that leads trendy and sophisticated K-Beauty with a variety of hair care products and brand experiences. Miseenscene explained that BlACKPINK's sensuous and stylish image, which shows four members' different styles, matched well with Miseenscene's concept, so they chose BLACKPINK as a brand model.
Representative for the brand said that "We look forward to giving customers the pleasure of expressing their beauty through colorful hairstyles that show the different charms and sensibilities of the four BLACKPINK members"

 Red Velvet : Etude House

Etude House is a famous brand for its unique greeting of "Welcome Princess" and bright pink interior in all stores.
Etude House said, "Etude House's brand concept is to deliver pleasant energy to customers through a variety of products and brand experiences and create a pleasant experience with them. And this concept fits well with Red Velvet's sensuous and trendy image. That's why we chose them as brand models."
Due to changes in the marketing environment, the main model was emptied for more than a year, and Red Velvet was selected again.

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