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3 Biggest K-Pop Fandom Ads Seen In 2020

by LeeHaechang on
 One of the many ways that K-Pop fans show their love, support, and gratitude towards their favorite idols is...
 Yes. You've already seen quite a few over the years in subway stations, in the middle of a bustling city, and etc. You'll actually be quite surprised to know that fans spend quite a hefty sum of money in order to put up some of these ads.
 The majority of these ads and promotions are usually to celebrate birthdays and debut anniversaries.
 So for a bit of a short history briefing about K-Pop ads and the fandom culture evolution over the years, there were actually only a small number of ads back in 2014.
 How many do you think there were back in those days?
 Just seventy six.
 And let's fast forward to recent times. In the period between January and September of 2019, there has been a total of 1576 ads put up. Between the years 2016 and 2017, the figures jumped up dramatically, from 542 ads to 1038 as well.
 Fans would know that these ads also don't come cheap.
 Which is why there are a few ads we've seen this year in 2020, that are some of the biggest ones ever. You can check them out below.
JungKook (BTS)
BTS, being the world's most successful and influential K-Pop group, would have a lot of ads right?
Yes, but what really separates them from the rest of the pack, and lives up to their world-class status, is how their group member JungKook's ad was put on the South Korean KTX.
Why is this so significant?
After all, JungKook has been seen everywhere, including on a ferris wheel.
And on entire buildings.
 Well the KTX is a bit unique. Here's why.
 It's because it's not exactly money that buys your way in, in this particular case. South Korea's KORAIL usually doesn't accept any ad offers for the KTX unless it has something to do promoting a particular city or tourism. Why? Well, it's typically reserved for the promotion of national and local events.
 Lisa is an idol not just loved by her fans all across the world, but respected by her peers and industry professionals. She's come a long way as an artist ever since the beginning of her career, and her dedication to her craft really has paid off.
 Considered to be one of the best idol dancers, you just cannot help but adore her and look up to her so much at the same time.
 Chinese BLINKs did something quite special for Lisa earlier this year. And not many K-Pop idols can say that they've received such a wonderful gift.
 If you're wondering what it is, it was a drone show that lit up the sky, celebrating Lisa and the group's four year anniversary
 The skies really were lit up one night, and Lisa's name could be seen formed by countless shining drones in the air. It was very romantic and also impressive at the same time.
TaeYong (NCT)
 The love that Chinese fans have for TaeYong is just too big to be described by words.
 TaeYong, who boasts visuals that displays the qualities of beauty that SM Entertainment looks for in their star idols, is easily one of the most loved K-Pop stars on the planet.
 Back in July, TaeYong celebrated his 25th birthday.
 So what did Chinese NCTzens do for TaeYong for his birthday? Well, it may perhaps be the biggest gift that any fandom has gifted to any idol before.
 An entire city, lit up in LED lights in celebration of his birthday. Yes, you heard correctly. Not just one ad or a few around a city, but the whole whopping entire city.
blog source : kpopmap
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