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TONYMOLY Backgel Eye liner long brush 4g - Ulzzangmall




🌼Product Name: [TONYMOLY] Backgel Eye liner long brush 4g

*Manufacturing Seller :
*Manufacturing Bureau: Korea
*Expiration date: 30 months after manufacture/ Use within 12 months of opening
*color : 01 black / 02 brown / 03 Pearl Brown / 07 latte brown
*measure of capacity : 4g

🌼Product Description:
When you touch it with a brush using a tixotropic gel, it has a good sliding feel, applies smoothly, and is strongly fixed. It forms a film of a waterproof to increase the lasting effect of the makeup.
Tony Moly's best-selling product is a well-known gel-type eyeliner among many female customers and makeup artists.
As a gel-type eyeliner with strong fixed power, it has a lot of love for its waterproof functions such as sweat and sebum.

💖 How to use 💖
#1. Apply color on both sides of the eyeliner brush.
#2. Before applying makeup, wipe off the extra amount with a tissue and draw along the eyeline.
(Spread the product quickly because it does not smear well after drying.)

Please keep the lid closed. After use, use a brush cleanser to clean.


💁‍♀️ Ingredient

[No. 1 Black] Black oxide (CI 77499, trimecyloxylactic acid, cyclopentacyloxic acid, isododecan, cyclohexyloxyloxyloxic acid, serresin, caprylmetricon, talc, Ultramarine (CI 7,7007), silica silicate, dysteidimonium hectolitorite, tranxylate, tranxylate, trancilicarp, tranxylate, trancheilicarp,

[No. 2 Brown] Trimecyloxicity silicate, cyclopentacilloxic acid, black oxide (CI 77499), isododecan, cyclohexyloxyloxic acid, cerecine, red oxide (CI 77491), yellow oxide (CI 77492), talc, capryllimecone, and titanium oxide (CI 7789),

[No. 3 Pearl Brown] Trimecyloxycillite, cyclopentacilloxic acid, isododecane, black oxide (CI 77499), synthetic fluorophyte, micah (CI 77019), cyclohhexylacidic acid (CI 77491), titanium oxide (CI 778995),

[No. 7 Latte Brown] Trimeciloxicite, Cyclopentacillic acid, Isodododecan, Black Oxide (CI 77499), Yellow Oxide (CI 77492), Cyclohexyloxic Acidic Acid (CI 77891), Talc, and Red Oxide (CI 77491),

TONYMOLY Backgel Eye liner long brush 4g - Ulzzangmall
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