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PAPA RECIPE Bombee honey Sleeping Pack - Ulzzangmall

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PAPA RECIPE Bombee honey Sleeping Pack - Ulzzangmall



Information / Skin Type

💖 [PAPA RECIPE] Bombee honey Sleeping Pack

*Manufacturer: costory.co
*Manufacturing Seller : costory.co
*Manufacturing Bureau: Korea
*Expiration date: 24months after manufacture/ Use within 12 months of opening
*type : Bombee honey Sleeping Pack 5g
*measure of capacity : 5g

🌼 Product Description:

✔️Sleeping well when the skin is aching.
# Honey Sleep Pack,

✔️Bombee Honey Sleeping Pack

Safely Reposomal Mechanism for Effective Substances
Sticky, uncomfortable No! Skin adhesive sleeping pack
Best portability! Social care anytime, anywhere

when I worked overtime
When you play late, when your blood skin is in bad condition,
If I don't have a lot of time, I'll be able to sleep just for my skin.
Please take out the honey sleeping pack.

It contains the nature of rape flowers in Jeju Island.
honey extract (Jeju rape honey)
It moisturizes dry skin.
It soothes your skin comfortably.

Why My Relics Are Good for Your Skin
Healthy honey ingredients are different for your skin, too!

Honey, which contains vitamins, minerals, etc.
Helps create and moisturize your skin.
Hyaluronic acid in moisture #11 that is moistened while sleeping

Q, what's in the capsule?
ceramide enfee, scuallan, vitamin tree oil, etc.
It contains moisturizing and vitamin ingredients. Roll gently and absorb into skin.
Skin condition. It can change overnight!

#Good night with a sleeping pack #


How to use

1) After applying a generous amount,
Roll the capsules and spread evenly.

2) Next morning, please wash your face clean with water.



🔸For all skin




💁‍♀️ Ingredient

purified water, glycerin, methylgluces-20, glycerides-25 butylene glycol, 1,2-quanxane, propandai, trehalose, thrometamine, ceteral alcohol, carbomer, hydroxyacetope, lintaeristylitetra ethylhexanoate, acrylateide, C10-20 Alkylacrylate Crosspolymer, Behenyl Alcohol, Difentaeristylhexahydroxy stearate/hexasterate hexagenate, niacinamide, honey extract (200 ppm), small coal sword, royal jolly extract, panthenol, fibm/macplimer, ethylhexylglycerine, dyesoddlediay, glycerylacrylate/Acrylic Acrylic Acrylate, Sodium hyaluronate, hydrolized hyaluronic acid, hyaluronic acid de, iron nasal extract, vitamin tree oil, propolis extract, portmagold flower extract, trurozobylico extract, Scoalan, Ceramide Enpi, Sodium hyaluronatecrosspolymer, Potashium hyaluronate, hydroxypropylrimonium hyaluronate, hydrolysodium hyaluronate, glutathione, caprylic/caffridra y glyceride, pentylene glycol, shea butter, sodiumacetylated hyaluronate, hydrogenetidresitin, phenetyl alcole, maltodecstrin, hydrolydegallidan protein, flavour

PAPA RECIPE Bombee honey Sleeping Pack - Ulzzangmall
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