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BLOOMING CELL Tight Firming Neck Cream - Ulzzangmall

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BLOOMING CELL Tight Firming Neck Cream - Ulzzangmall



Information / Skin Type

🌼Manufacture : Dermile Co., Ltd.
🌼Manufacturing Seller : Seolreim Cosmetic. Co., Ltd.
🌼Production country : Korea
🌼Capacity : 1SET (3BOX=10ea*3) = 180g
🌼Expiration date : 2022/12


For you who are worried about your neck wrinkles,
Introducing the Blooming Cell Neck Cream, which perfectly cares for even hidden wrinkles!

Perfect for wrinkled and sagging neck skin

The famous dermatologist at Gangnam Station in Korea is also using this product!

Home neck care with 'Blooming Cell Neck Cream' that you apply!

01. On your skin, neck, same time care.
☞ Wrinkles
☞ Lightening their skin
☞ Nutrition supplementary

02. Botox cream for applying
☞ It makes your neck skin elastic.
☞ Cover wrinkles as soon as you apply it!

03. Strong Lifting Care
☞ Contains 5 kinds of anti-aging peptide
☞ It helps your tired skin elasticity and regeneration.

04. Available anytime, anywhere!
☞ 1 serving individual packaging
☞ Individual packaging that is easy to carry and hygienic

A creamy texture that is not sticky and moist.

✔️Core Components
1. Palmitoyl Pentapeptide-4 : Strengthening for retaining water.
2. Acetyl Hexapeptide-8 : Strengthening skin elasticity
3. Oligopeptide-32 : Mitigate skin irritation and damage
4. Oligopeptide-29 : strengthening skin barrier
5. Copper Tripeptide-1 : skin calming

How To Use
Spread the cream all over the skin (neck) and massage it from bottom to top to fully absorb it.

🔸Recommended Person

1. Wrinkled and elastic around the neck.
2. Anyone who has thin neck skin and is worried about sagging skin
3. Those who are worried about wrinkles around their eyes, arms, forehead, etc.
4. Anyone who has deep wrinkles and can't cover his or her makeup.

🔸For all skin



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BLOOMING CELL Tight Firming Neck Cream - Ulzzangmall
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