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Avajar V Lifting Little Kakao Friends Mask (Muji) 3pcs - Ulzzangmall

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Avajar V Lifting Little Kakao Friends Mask (Muji) 3pcs - Ulzzangmall


🌼Product Name: [AVAJAR] KAKAO Little Friends Edition! V Lifting Little Friends Mask (APEACH/MUZI/RYAN)

🌼Brand: AVAJAR
🌼Manufacture: MEDICELL
🌼Manufacturing Seller: AVAJAR
🌼Production country: KOREA
🌼Capacity: 14g*3ea
🌼Expiration date: 2023-05


Take care of it in a larger size!
Immediate lifting improvement from double chin to cheek.

Fermented Gel Essence
Technology that does not separate the fabric from the fluid.

All at once, elasticity and wrinkle improvement
Strong adhesion and hydrogel to reduce swelling!

Elastic and resilient special fabric
It is possible to apply close-up care with a fabric with high elasticity and resilience that is woven by a special fabric method.

✔️Before an important appointment
When immediate lifting effects such as important meetings, dates, etc. are required!

✔️Home training
Like pilates, yoga, and home training, when exercising, even lifting care at once!

✔️Self Care
Beauty care and skin care at the same time!

🌼How To Use
1. Remove the film by opening the pouch
2. Pull the end of the mask and extend it, and then align the middle to the chin.
3. Put it on your chin and hang it on both ears with it stretched out
4. Leave the mask on for approximately 3-4 hours
5. After removing the mask, massage the cheeks lightly

If you feel uncomfortable with your ears when using the product,
It's because I hung the fabric on my ear without pulling it enough.
Pull the fabric back enough and hang it on your ear,
It feels more comfortable than before.

purified water, glycerin, and daisopropylene glycole, agar, sodium polyacrylate, cellulosegum, polyacrylic acid, tartaric acid, phenoxyethamol, dioxidium daimol, aluminium glycineite, adenosine, cocoa glucoside, ethanol, glaucine, capryl glycol, aloe vera leaf extract, gimo root extract, quinoa seed extract, butylene glycol, hydrolized collagen, cetylethylhexanoate, sodium hyalurunate, phosphatidylcholine, tocoperol, zanthanum, hydroze-native polyisobouthen, caffeine, flavouring

Avajar V Lifting Little Kakao Friends Mask (Muji) 3pcs - Ulzzangmall
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